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Laura & Brendan — Minted




Wedding Party

Caroline Silva

Maid of Honor

Early on in graduate school, Laura announced her intention to befriend Caroline, beginning a year's long charm offensive that Caroline is suprised she gave in on. During COVID, they became nearly inseparable due to a shared love of murder/cult documentaries, psychological analysis of trashy reality TV (Sister Wives, Dance Moms, Vanderpump Rules), and most importantly, Oliver and Daisy.

Claire Daigle


Claire and Laura met in 2017 and became fast friends, sharing a passion for dim sum, Korean spas, and all canine creatures. If Caroline chickens out of giving the speech at the reception, Claire is now a professional comedian so someone get her microphone.

Grace Greenblatt


Grace was Laura's buddy at Hockaday and they got off to a rocky start when Laura turned down freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Greenblatt (later officially crowned as the Best Home Cook in Dallas). In the end, it all worked out and the two shared countless afternoons on the Greenblatts' trampoline (RIP).

Martha Good


Laura sat in Martha's lap and announced she felt they would be the best of friends. Come to find out, Martha was horrified. But in the end, Laura was right: they share a deep and abiding love of diet soda and Mexican food.

Kate Hoffman


Kate and Laura have been friends since the fifth grade at Hockaday when they were paired up in math class and confessed they both originally thought the other to be a "suck up." Thank goodness it was just a faulty first impression. Fun fact: Laura and Kate nearly always order the same thing at restaurants and often show up in similar outfits.

Cameron Buckbee

Best Man

Brendan has known Cameron for approximately the same amount of time as he’s known Matt Arcangelo, but things started out a little rougher. In spite of his attempts to off his younger brother early on, Cameron either forgot or forgave him and they’ve gotten along as well as brothers can ever since.

Matthew Arcangelo


Brendan met Matt when he was around 2 years old but the friendship really grew when they ran full speed ahead into each other at age 5, causing the forehead scar Brendan has to this day. It seems like the head injury affected Matt as well, as he missed out on tens of millions of dollars by selling all of his bitcoin in 2011 to buy a gaming PC. We’re lucky he did sell, otherwise at this point he’d be on a private island never to be seen again.

John Edenhofner


Brendan met John through Byron during junior year of college though it quickly felt like they had been friends for years. John was the friend you could always talk to about what’s going on and he had a pretty good sense of when something was up. We returned the favor by making sure he was alive while he slept until 2pm through all of his classes.

Byron Sakiaidis


Brendan met Byron in early computer science classes where they successfully conned their way into a “most creative” award for their final project by copying a game nobody else had heard of. Their friendship grew into being top floor roommates during senior year where they plotted similarly hair brained schemes that are better left unpublished.

Daniel Sweetser


Brendan and Dan were both in the same program at school. They bonded over their niche love of chemistry based programming games. According to Brendan, Dan is naming his soon to be first born child Brendan. If he tells you otherwise please don’t tell Brendan, it’ll ruin the wedding